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Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service is a managed container orchestration service based on the open-source Kubernetes server system, available on Microsoft Azure’s public cloud. The Kubernetes platform for container orchestration is the de-facto open-source platform, but it is typically very difficult to manage clusters.

AKS is designed for organizations that want…

As open source leaders in container technologies, Kubernetes and Docker stand out. There is a misconception that many people have to do with which option to choose. In reality, they are fundamentally different technologies and do not compete — it is not an either/or scenario. In addition to excelling in…

You need to open the command line before proceeding to the list of commands. Check out this CLI tutorial if you’re still not sure about the command-line interface.

However, depending on the distribution you’re using, the command line may be located under the utility section.

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An overview of Linux commands…

The container provides a standard method for packaging your application’s code, configuration, and dependencies into one object. The container is a process that shares a running operating system and runs as an isolated process on a server, which ensures quick, accurate, and consistent deployment.

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How do you deploy containers on AWS?


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What is Podman? In summary, Podman is a container engine developed by RedHat, and yes, when we read container engine, Docker immediately came to mind.

You may wonder: what does RedHat offer through Podman to compete with the well-known Docker engine? Is there a reason to switch to Podman? Podman…

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Red Hat’s OpenShift Dedicated offers a managed private cluster solution built on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with application container layers powered by Docker and Kubernetes orchestration and management.

What is OpenShift ?

Multicloud and hybrid technologies have become the standard for enterprise infrastructure and technology. Due to its vendor-agnostic characteristics and advanced infrastructure capabilities, Kubernetes is a popular choice in these complex types of architectures. In addition to Red Hat OpenShift, another option is Red Hat OpenShift.

Organizations that need rigorous security…

Future Techno India / OpenShift

The OpenShift application platform from Red Hat allows engineers to develop and deploy large-scale applications. OpenShift is one of the most popular cloud platforms for deploying container-based architectures, due to its built-in Kubernetes cluster and enterprise-grade features.

With OpenShift, you can manage applications written in…

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