How to Configure Terraform on Windows?

Terraform is an open-source tool created by HashiCorp to deploy infrastructure as code. Using the HashiCorp Configuration Language, or optionally JSON, users configure and provide data center infrastructure.

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Benefits of Terraform

· Terraform manages infrastructure across multiple cloud platforms.

· The human-readable configuration language helps you to write infrastructure code quickly.

· Terraform’s state allows you to track changes in resources throughout a deployment.

· You can work on infrastructure safely by committing configurations to version control.

Now we will to configure Terraform on Windows.

Step 1- Terraform for Windows can be installed by downloading the appropriate package from Terraform’s website.

Go to

Choose the version you want to download

After downloaded file , right-click the downloaded file and select “Extract file

After this select the Destination and Extract file.

After this click on the Extract.

Step 2- copy the link to the extracted Terraform package to the folder.

Note — This is an example path. Terraform executable can also be placed in any other location in your local system.

Step 3- You should update the path environment variable to include the location of Terraform executable.

Click the windows button and search Edit the system environment variables and Open .

And then click environment variables.

Then click Path and go to Edit

Click New. Add the path to the folder where your Terraform executable is located.

Click OK to save your changes and then OK to close the Environment Variables window. Click OK again to close the System Properties window.

Step 4- Verify your installation and check the version by launching Windows PowerShell and enter:

terraform --version

After this, your Terraform Configure has been completed .



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