How to Create an account on Bitbucket ?

The Git repository management system Bitbucket is designed for professional teams. Github is the central place to manage all the repositories and guide you throughout the software development cycle. As part of the Atlassian family, it consists of tools like Confluence and Jira to enable technical teams to realize their full potential. Deploying Bitbucket is done in three ways. Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Data Center, and Bitbucket Server.

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Why do we use Bitbucket?

The Bitbucket is used for access control, pull requests, workflow control, Jira integration, and full rest API. Bitbucket provides source code restriction through access control.

Now we will create the account on GitHub

Step 1 — Open the website in a web browser. Using any web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet will allow you to join.

Then Next

After this click on Get started given below.

Then Next

After this click on Next.

Step 2 — Enter your email address and then click Sign up

Then Next

Click on Resend verification email and go to Gmail and check received mail.

then click Verify your email .

Step 3 — Enter your information, such as your Full Name, and set a password. The password must contain at least 15 characters or 8 characters with a number and a lower case letter.

Then Next

Click on sign up.

After this

Create your User Name

Then click on Continue.

Then Next

Click on Skip

After this, your GitHub account has been created .




We believe in making future tech leaders by providing right education to them.

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Future Techno India

Future Techno India

We believe in making future tech leaders by providing right education to them.

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