Linux File System

What is the Linux File System?

Linux is usually a built-in layer of a Linux operating system. It is used to manage the storage of data. Files on the disk storage can be arranged with its help. A file is managed by managing its name, size, creation date, and much more.

Linux File System Structure

Linux file system has a hierarchical structure in that its root directory has subdirectories. From the root directory, all directory levels can be accessed. A partition typically has just one file system, but it may have several. The file system is designed so that it can manage and allocate space for nonvolatile storage data.

Linux File System Features

In Linux, the document system creates a tree structure. all of the files are organized as a tree and its branches. The topmost listing is called the foundation (/) directory. All other directories in Linux may be accessed from the root listing.

Types of Linux File Systems

whilst we set up the Linux running system, Linux gives many report systems consisting of Ext, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, XFS, btrfs, and swap.

Ext, Ext2, Ext3, and Ext4 file system

Ext2 is the primary Linux report gadget that lets in deal with terabytes of statistics. Ext3 is advanced via Ext2; it’s far an upgraded model of Ext2 and carries backward compatibility.

JFS File System

JFS stands for Journaled record device, and it is developed by using IBM for AIX Unix. it is an alternative to the Ext document gadget. it can also be utilized in the region of Ext4, wherein stability is wanted with few assets. it’s far a reachable report gadget while CPU energy is limited .

XFS File System

XFS document system became considered as high-speed JFS, that’s evolved for parallel I/O processing. NASA nonetheless uses this document device with its high storage server (three hundred+ Terabyte server).

ReiserFS File System

.ReiserFS is an alternative to the Ext3 report device. It has improved overall performance and superior functions. In the sooner time, the ReiserFS became used as the default report gadget in SUSE Linux, but later it has modified a few policies, so SUSE returned to Ext3.

Btrfs File System

Btrfs stands for the B tree record gadget. it’s far used for fault tolerance, restoring machines, amusing administration, vast garage configuration, and extra. It isn’t always an excellent suit for the production device.

Swap File System

The switch record gadget is used for reminiscence paging in the Linux running system at some point of the system hibernation. A device that by no means goes in hibernate nation is needed to have a swap area equal to its RAM size.



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